Flower Girl Dresses Tips

There’s no doubt that the sweetest guest in a wedding is the flower girl. Do you know how to find the right flower girl dress? Here are some useful suggestions.

flower girl dresses


The wedding dresses styles have been changed a lot over the years, but the flower girl dress has changed very little. Generally speaking, the flower girl dresses can be the mini version of the bride’s gowns, they may have some similar elements such as beading or appliqué. Some flower girl dresses can echo the bridesmaid dresses in style, color and embellishment. Please keep in mind that the flower girl dresses can be short or long, but it’s always classically “little girl” in style.flower girl dresses


When deciding the length of flower girl dress, you must take girl’s age into account. You’d better choose a shorter dress for a small child, or she may wind up tripping over a long skirt. A knee length “princess” style dress might be very suitable for young girls, while for the older girls, the long dress with more sophisticated silhouette may be better. If you ordered a floor length flower girl dresses, the child must be standing perfectly straight in order for it not to buckle in the front. I don’t think this will look so great in your wedding photos.

flower girl dresses


As we all know that the flower girl dress needs to complement the bride’s gowns. It can be white, pink, blue or any other color. Pink color flower girl dresses are also vey popular these years. We can arrange for almost any color matching for just the right look!



If the dress you selected is not comfortable, it will be reflected in the girl’s face and behavior. Don’t choose the ones which are too tight, the girls won’t be happy wearing this kind of dresses. Comfort is important no matter how beautiful the dress is, so take this issue seriously.

flower girl dresses


If money is not a big issue for you, please avoid to purchase a dress of cheap fabric. Spend a bit more for a better fabric, because cheap fabrics have been known to be very itchy. The good quality dresses are worthy of buying, because the flower girl dresses don’t have to be “one-time” dresses. They can be re-worn often, such as portrait sitting or birthday. They can also be preserved and handed down as an heirloom once the children grows out of it. So the better flower girl dresses are worthy of your buying.

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